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Berkeley Spring Water Tasting

Our opportunity to participate in the Berkeley Spring water Tasting Competition was definitely enjoyed. Traveling to Orlando, and then making our way up the states to talk to several overseas distributors, glass bottlers and interested prospects we arrived early into Saturday morning.
We ended Saturday in the top 20 position out of 66. Going into Sunday we participated in some of the panel discussions and talked about the future of bottled water while the competition continued underway in various other divisions. At the end of the night taste testing took place to define the winners. Our Bottled water was received in the top 10th place (although what exact place was not disclosed ) but at the same time rubbing elbows with bottled water that could go for as much as $80 dollars a bottle.

We thank the hospitality of the Berkeley Springs staff and the staff at the convention for the time invested into providing for a memorable event.